THE GREAT WAR – Geoff Sewell

The Speaker at the October meeting was Geoff Sewell, with a talk entitled ‘The Great War’.
The evening began in the picturesque village of Eltisley, with tree lined routes to the centre. But the 100 year old trees along the edge of the green are also a memorial to the men of the village who died during WW1, including 3 pairs of brothers.
We were introduced to his grandfather Ben, and learned about his time in the trenches during the Great War. We learned about the gas attacks used including tear gas, chlorine gas and mustard gas and Ben’s time at Ypres. At the end of the talk a lot of time was spent looking at replica gas hoods and masks, including one with a plastic screen sewn into it, which was totally ineffective and at flechette – pointed steel projectile, with a vanned tail for stable flight, these where thrown from aircraft flying over the enemy.
Geoff also brought a lot of other artefacts with him including an Enfield gun, gas masks and letter openers, crafted from various different types of ordnance.
[Malcolm Bailey ]

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