Fenland Family History Society publishes transcriptions of memorial inscriptions (also known as monumental inscriptions MIs) recorded by the Society at churchyards, parochial (civil) cemeteries and inside churches; transcriptions of parish registers; and images of the pages of parish registers recorded by the Society. These are all published on CD-ROM in the universal PDF format (except as shown) with Adobe Acrobat reader included.

Pencils, marked with the name of the Society, are also available, along with back issues of our journal, Ag. Lab. Chronicles. The contents of the journal are summarised on the Our Journal page of this website.

These publications are available for sale at regular meetings of the Society in Wisbech Library, Ely Place, Wisbech. They may also be purchased on-line through a secure service at

Click on Suppliers (at top left of screen) then select Fenland Family History Society. Alternatively use the address

For publications of other family history societies, including those listed in the Publications Database on this page, visit or the Federation of Family History Societies at

The Bookstall is available at regular meetings of the Society in Wisbech Library, Ely Place, Wisbech and also has a selection of storage files and inserts.

Enquiries for the bookstall should go to

Our Journal

A contents list for back copies of Ag Lab Chronicles is available HERE in Adobe Acrobat format .pdf