Ref. No.SURNAMEForenamePlaceDate
773ABBE-ABBEY Cam –  Tydd St Giles17th-18th
773ABBE-ABBEY Lin – Sutton St James17th-18th
159ACHER Booton18th + 19th C
159ACHER Foulsham18th + 19th C
159ACHER Gt Witchingham18th + 19th C
595ADAMS Hertfordshire –  Ware and Essendon area18th / 19th C
595ADAMS Lincolnshire – Pinchbecvk18th / 19th C
165AKINS    Whittlesey 18th-19th cent.
436ALEXANDER   18C onwards
537ALLEN Lincs – Boston + Bennington18th & 19th C
213ALLEN CAM – Benwick18th C
213ALLEN HUN – RamseyAll
337ANDREWS swainsthorpe18 C onwards
506ARNOLD Wisbech 1853
506ARNOLD Wisbech 1886
506ARNOLD Wisbech 1917
478ARTON AllAll
718ASHBY Anywhere18, 19 C
466ASKHAM  19thC—->
718ATKINS West Norfolk – Fordham, Downham Market17, 18, 19 C
455AVIS Swaffham19C
213AVORY(E) Fenlands/ AllAll                 1name study
383AYLMER NorfolkAll
491BACKUS LIN – Deeping St James15th-16th C
590BACON Norwich   C18th and C19th
590BACON Wisbech, March, Upwell (Marmont Priory Farm)C18th and C19th
743bBAKEMAN South Lincs18/19
491BAKER CAM – Thorney + Whittlesey18th-19th C
491BAKER LIN – Baston18th-19th C
491BAKER LIN – Deeping St James15th-18th C
128BARNES Wymondham18th C
449BARNES Fenland / Lincs/ North NorfolkAll
644BARNES Lincs, Pinchbeck1700’s
743aBARNET Beds / Hunts1750-1850
165BARRETT Whittlesey18th cent.
718BARROCK Anywhere17, 18, 19 C
96BARTON Lincs18 C
456aBASSETT Oxborough, Norfolk1851 census
128BASSETT Oxborough18th C
128BASSETT Wisbech Area19th C
617BATTERHAM  19th C
749BATTERHAM West WaltonC 19th
749BATTERHAM WalsokenC 19th
96BATTERSBY Ingoldsby, Lenton area17-19C
595BATTY  East Lincs19th C
595BATTY Laneham – Newark, 19th C
595BATTY West Knotts 19th C
330BEAIRSTOGeorgeKing’s Lynn<1773
114BEALES Cambs, Norfolk18th – 20th C
491BEALEY LIN – Gunby15th-17th C
213BEARD HUN – Ramsey18th C
114BEAUMONT Cambs, Norfolk18th-19th C
257BECKETT Upwell17, 18 + 19
257BECKETT Outwell17, 18 + 19
257BECKETT Elm17, 18 + 19
749BECKETT Wisbech & ElmC 19th
213BEEBE(E) CAM – Whittlesey/ PeterboroughAll
213BEEBY CAM – WhittleseyAll
213BEEBY Peterborough19th/20th C
491BEECH LIN – Martin, Lindsay18th C
595BEESTON LINCS – Weston, Western Hill + Moulton Areas18th / 19th C
595BEESTON Upwell/ Christchurch – CAMBS19th /20th C
268BELLAMY NorthamptonAll
268BELLAMY Upwell Norfolk + CambsAll
268BELLAMY Outwell.  Norfolk + CambsAll
299BELLHAM Fincham18th-19th C
456aBENNETT Oxborough, Norfolk1851 census
159BENNETT Kings Lynn18th + 19th C
159BENNETT Terrington St John18th + 19th C
159BENNETT Tilney St Lawrence18th + 19th C
159BENNETT Walpole St Peter18th + 19th C
536BENSTEAD Fenland & Surrounding AreasAll
689BENSTEAD Wisbech19th C
706BERNEY NORFOLK – Reedham14-18
537BERRIDGE Lincolnshire18th & 19th C
46BERRYHannahUpwell & Christchurch, CambsM G.CAWTHORN Upwell Sept 1863
46BERRYHannahUpwell & Christchurch, Cambsdau of John & Tansley
001 BEVERLEY  Cambs All
001 BEVERLEY  HertfordshireAll
421BILLING  West Norfolk1725-1825
478BINGHAM   Holbeach, Lincs 19th C
478BINGHAM   Nottingham, Radford1600-1800   
96BOLLAND etc Lincs18 C
236BOND   Wisbech18th/19th&20th C
421BONNET West Norfolk1725-1825
743bBONNETT South Lincs18/19
506BOWDY Wisbech 1866
319BOYCE Huntingdon / Cambs/ Beds18th-19th C
455BOYDEN Wisbech/Walsoken19C
275BRADFORD Moulton18/19th C
456aBRIDGES King’s Lynn area1840-1890
706BRIGGES LINCS – Grantham1600-1660
706BRIGGS LINCS – Grantham17
456aBROCKWELL King’s Lynn area1911 onwards
456aBROCKWELL Kingston, Londonbefore 1911
491BROTHSY LIN – Little Ponton17th+18th C
617BROWN USA19th C
275BROWN Foston / Gonerby18/19th C
342BRUCE Runcton Holme18-19
342BRUCE Wereham18-19
342BRUCE West Dereham18-19
319BRYANT Norfolk / Cambs18th-19th C
691BUGG East Tuddenham18th/19th
213BULL CAM – Thurning19th C
268BULL Broughton Gifford,  WiltsAll
128BUNTON(ING) Sutton Bridge Area19th C
128BUNTON(ING) Wymondham18th C
456aBURRELL Heacham, Norfolk1830-1910
330BURRIDGEMarthaWisbech St Mary<1744 marriage
268BUTT  Upwell, CambsAll
706CASTOR Market Deeping, Lincolnshire1700-1730
456aCATER AllAll
383CATLIN(G) Walsoken & all Fen Areas1700 onwards
655CATLING Guyhirn19th-20th C
655CATLING Wisbech St. Peter19th-20th C
436CAWDELL       18C onwards
46CAWTHORN Emneth, Three Holes & Christchurch, Cambridgeshire, U.Klate 1600s onwards.
491CAWTHORNS LIN – Deeping St James17th+18th C
456aCHAPMAN Denver, Norfolkpre 1950
655CHAPMAN Louth19th C
128CHENERY North Ellingham18th C, 19th C
128CHENERY Upwell19th C
128CHENERY Wiggenhalls19th C
749CHILD Norfolk – Fordham18/19
749CHILD Norfolk – Norwich Area18/19
466CHINNERY  19thC—->
655CHRISTIAN Boston  19th-20th C
655CHRISTIAN Guyhurn / Parsons Drove19th-20th C
655CHRISTIAN Louth / Grimsby19th-20th C
655CHRISTIAN Murrow19th-20th C
128CLARK(E) Walsoken18th C
128CLARK(E) Wisbech  19th C
743aCLARKE Wisbech Area1750-1900
743aCLARKE Purleigh, Essex1750-1900
644CLARKESamuelLeverington16thC (1792-) died1806
655CLARKE Grimsby20 C
644CLARKE SamuelWisbech        (1st SchoolMaster tydd St. Giles)18thC 
749CLAYPOLE Newton/Tydd18/19
730COLEJohnLittleport18th-20th C
730COLEJosephNorth Leeds, Yorkshire19th-20th C
730COLERobertSporle, Norfolk19th-20th C
749COLE Sutton St. Edmund18/19
128COLLINS West Walton18th C
239CONSTABLE  Norfolk  18-19 century
773COOK Lin – Sutton St James17th-18th
380COOKE Thorney, Cambs1750-1800
466COOPER  17th-19C
239COPPING  Norfolk  18-19 century
114COPPING Norfolk18th – 21st C
655CORTHORN – etc any19th C
330COTTERELJohnWisbech St Mary<1744 marriage
114COWARD Cambs, Norfolk, Yorkshire – Hull18th – 21st C
749COX Wisbech18
421CRANE West Norfolk1725-1800
735CRANFIELD Lincs/Hunts/Bedfordshire1860 – 1900 
96CRAWFORD Norfolk18 C
654CRAWFORD Upwell, Denver1750-1900
654CRAWFORD Wisbech1750-1900
706CREETS Braceborough, Lincolnshire1720-1750
96CROWFOOT Norfolk18 C
706CROWTHER Ruskington, Lincolnshire1680-1730
268CUBBY Wighton, CumberlandAll
114CULLEN Cambs, Norfolk18th – 21st C
383CULPIN Hunts + Peterborough19 C
655CUMMINGS Louth19th C
772CUNNINGTON Lutton  C18-19
763CURBY  Before 1800
518DACK Cambs – Wisbech18th C – 20th C
518DACK Norfolk – Shipdham18th C – 20th C
281DADE Murrow19th + 20th C
281DADE Parson Drove19th + 20th C
96DAINS etc Norfolk & Cambs18th & 19th C
96DAUBNEY (etc) Lincs18th & 19th C
96DAUBNEY (etc) Peterborough (Newark)17th-19th C
96DAUBNEY (etc) Uffington/ Corby Glen17th-19th C
383DAW(S) + (ES) Norfolk18th-19th C
46DAWSON St Ives, Hunts area, but originally from Exning, near Burwell, Cambs~ 1843 onwards
008DAY Wiltshire16-18C
96DAYNES Swaffham Area, Wisbech Area18th/19th C
751DE LE EYE Lutton, Long Sutton, Gedney & Holbeach1700-1850
751DEALHOY Lutton, Long Sutton, Gedney & Holbeach1700-1850
96DEAN (etc) Swaffham Area, Wisbech Area18th/19th C
644DEEPUP Peterborough1700’s
751DELAHAY  Lutton, Long Sutton, Gedney & Holbeach1700-1850
751DELAHAYE Lutton, Long Sutton, Gedney & Holbeach1700-1850
751DELAHOY Lutton, Long Sutton, Gedney & Holbeach1700-1850
751DELANOY Lutton, Long Sutton, Gedney & Holbeach1700-1850
751DELAYHAY Lutton, Long Sutton, Gedney & Holbeach 1700-1850
751DELEHAY Lutton, Long Sutton, Gedney & Holbeach1700-1850
751DELEHOY Lutton, Long Sutton, Gedney & Holbeach1700-1850
751DELLEHAY Lutton, Long Sutton, Gedney & Holbeach1700-1850
743bDESBOROUGH Weston, Lincs18/19
710DESBOROUGH Weston18 & 19th C
706DEXTER RUTLAND – Barrowden, Empingham18
330DICKENSONAnnStoke Ferry<1739
735DIEPPE  Wisbech1850s 
654DIGGLE Emneth, Walpoles1800-1900
654DIGGLE Sutton St. Edmunds1700-1850
751DILLEHOY Lutton, Long Sutton, Gedney & Holbeach1700-1850
268DILNOT KentAll
268DILNOT LondonAll
268DILNOT YorkshireAll
96DOBNEY Sutterton area19C
96DOBNEY Uffington/ Corby area16-18C
342DOUGHTY Emneth19-20
342DOUGHTY Wisbech19-20
128DOW Walsoken19th C
743aDRAGE Peterborough 1750-1850
436DREW              18C onwards
466DUFF  17th-19C
159EACHER Booton18th + 19th C
159EACHER Foulsham18th + 19th C
159EACHER Gt Witchingham18th + 19th C
506EARL  Wisbech 1865
506EARL  Wisbech 1886
743bEASON South Lincs17/18
128ELGER Elm19C
128ELGER Lancashire19C
114ELLIOT Norfolk, Suffolk18th – 20th C
239ELSEY   Ely area  19th-20th C
239ELSEY   Hempnall NFK  19th C
239ELSEY   March  20th C
676ELSEY    Wisbech 18th C onwards
491ELWES LIN – Spalding17th-18th C
763ELWIN ThurningALL
763ELWIN BootenALL
478EMERSON Cottenham, CambsAll
128ENGLAND Bagthorpe, Wisbech Area19th C
128ENGLAND Docking, Holkham17th C
128ENGLAND North Wootton18th C
380ENGLAND Lincolnshire1750-1800
268ETHERINGTON Outwell.  Norfolk + CambsAll
750ETHERINGTON Outwell, Lincs18C – 19C
491ETTY LIN – Deeping St James17th+18th C
763FAILES  Before 1850
449FEATHERSTONE Fenland + South LincsAll
456aFENTON Heacham, Norfolk1830-1910
743aFIELDIN Hunts1750-1900
743bFISK Walpole St Andrew19
691FLANDERS Wisbech18th —-> 
743aFLINTOFT Boro Fen’. Peterborough / Crowland1750-1850
574FLOWERS LincolnshireAll
96FOLKES    Cambs17-19C
96FOLKES (etc) Lincs & Cambs18th & 19th C
96FOLKES (etc) USA etc18th/19th C
96FOLKES (etc) Wisbech Area18th/19th C
743aFOVARGUE Boro Fen’. Peterborough / Crowland1750-1850
337FOX Swanton Morley 15 C 
595FOX Chicago20th C
749FOX Newton/Tydd18/19
421FRANKLYN  West Norfolk1725-1800
201FREEMAN Coldham20th C
201FREEMAN Welney19th C
201FREEMAN Wisbech20th C
749FREEMAN RamseyC 19th
749FREEMAN WalsokenC 19th
155FRENCH Lincs19th + 20th C
155FRENCH Whittlesey19th + 20th C
491FRITH LIN – Martin, Lindsay17th-19th C
749FULLERLOVE wisbech Area18
595FYSON Littleport18th / 19th C
595FYSON  18th / 19th C
468GALLEY Methwold, Feltwell, Southery, CambridgeAll
281GAMBLE W. Norfolk19th + 20th C
595GARDINER  LON – Camberwell / KentLate 19th/Early 20th C
654GARROD N.W Norfolk1700-1850
763GAY Thurning1600s-1800s
268GERRISH Somerset – Freshford All
268GERRISH Somerset –  Hinton Charterhouse All
750GILBERT Upwell, Welney, Wisbech18C – 20C
654GILBY Guyhirn, Wisbech St. Mary1750-1850
654GILBY Wisbech St. Peter1750-1850
456aGILL King’s Lynn areabefore 1911
456aGILL Pontefract areabefore 1911
383GIRLING Lincolnshire18th C
337GODFREY Norfolk 16 C 
456aGOODSON King’s Lynn area1840-1890
239GOODSWEN  Norfolk  18-19 century
201GOODWIN Sutton Bridge  20th C
383GOODYER Hunts, Peterborough, NorfolkAll
456aGOTSELL Heacham, Norfolk1830-1910
213GOWLER HUN – Ramsey19th C
662GRANT Norfolk – Lophams1800-1900
749GRANT Bourn, CambsC 19th
491GREGORY LIN – Holbeach17th-18th C
455aGRIFFIN Norfolk – Stiffkey19C
455aGRIFFIN Outwell/Upwell19C 20C
654GROMET N.W Norfolk1700-1900
654GROMET/GRUMMET/GROMITT Wiggenhall St Germans1750-1900  
654GROMET/GRUMMET/GROMITT   Wiggenhall St Mary  1650-1800
654GRUMMETT N.W Norfolk1700-1900
114HAINES(HAINS) Cambs, Northamptonshire (Peterborough)18th-19th C
706HAINSWORTH Market Deeping, Lincolnshire1700-1860
706HALEY Grimoldby, Lincolnshire1700-1740
330HALLGeorgeStoke Ferry<1739 (baptism ~ 1710)
436HALSTEAD      18C onwards
584HAMMONDG. Holbech Area1770-1800 (Baptism)
584HAMMOND W.Holbech Area1770-1800 (Baptism)
749HANDLEY West Walton19
537HANSARD Lincolnshire18th & 19th C
537HANSO(A)RD Lincolnshire18th & 19th C
537HANSWORD Lincolnshire18th & 19th C
342HARPLEY Crimplesham18-19
342HARPLEY West Dereham18-19
421HARPLEY  All Norfolk1725-1800
456aHARRISON King’s Lynn area1850-1900
690HARTLEY Downham18th & 19th C
690HARTLEY Manea  18th & 19th C
710HARWOOD Gosberton & Boston18 & 19th C
001 HAWKES EssexAll
001 HAWKES HertfordshireAll
380HAWLEY Thorney, Cambs1750-1800
380HAWLEY Thorney, Cambs1700-1750
342HAYHOE etc West Dereham18-19
165HAYNES (HANES)  Emneth, Elm & Wisbech18th – 19th cent.
718HAZEL West Norfolk – Wimbotsham / Stow Bardolph17, 18, 19 C
421HEART West Norfolk1750-1850
281HEMMANT Cambs19th + 20th C
281HEMMANT S. Lincs19th + 20th C
466HERRING  19thC—->
655HERRIS Cleethorpes19th C
655HERRIS Wisbech St. Peter19th C
644HEWITT Wisbech St. Peter1700’s
337HEYHOE Norfolk 15 C 
772HICKS Long SuttonC18 
455HICKSON Wisbech19C
96HILL Lincs18 19 20C
449HILL South LincsAll
455HITCHBORN Stanground Peterborough19C
213HOLLIS HUN – RamseyAll
743aHOLLIS Hunts – Eynesbury1750-1900
008HOLMES Cambs16-18C
491HOLMES LIN – Deeping St James17th-18th C
491HORN LIN – Thurlby, Manthorpe19th-20th C
491HOUSAM LIN – Scremby18th-19th C
128HOWLETT Hilgay Area18th-19th C
749HUBBARD West Walton18/19
763HUDDLESTON Upwell1820-1877
456aHUDSON Ely AreaAfter 1890
456aHUDSON Holme Hale, NorfolkAfter 1870
749HUDSON Holme Hale, Norfolk18/19
436HURST              18C onwards
239HUSTLER   Elm, Wisbech, Wisbech St Mary, Guyhirn 19th-20th C
706HYFIELD Osbournby, Lincolnshire1640-1690
644IMAGE ElizabethLeverington16th C (1792 -)
644IMAGE   Lincs – Old Bolingbrooke1700’s
96INGELLS Ingoldsby, Lenton area17-19C
673INGLE Norfolk/Cambridgshire18th and 19th C
053JACKSON Upwell (and area) 1800 onwards
421JACKSON West Norfolk1700-1800
750JACKSON Terrington, Upwell, Welney18C – 19C
456aJACOB Heacham, Norfolk1840-1870
735JACOB Wisbech1830s
706JESSOP LINCS – Grantham17
706JESSOP LINCS – Grantham1600-1660
617JOHNSON 19 Clarkson Ave – Wisbech19th C
617JOHNSON 6 The Crescent – Wisbech19th C
617JOHNSON Elm Rd – Walsoken19th C
617JOHNSON Endall Field – Walpole St. Peter19th C
617JOHNSON Islington19th C
617JOHNSON Manor Farm – Heacham19th C
617JOHNSON Marshland Rd – Walsoken19th C
617JOHNSON Mereditch18th C
617JOHNSON Norwich Rd – Walsoken19th C
617JOHNSON Prior Farm – Walpole St. Peter19th C
617JOHNSON St John’s Fen19th C
617JOHNSON Terrington19th C
617JOHNSON Tilney St Lawrence19th C
617JOHNSON West Walton19th C
478KATES  Cheshire1750-1800  
478KATES  Lincoln, Boston1800-1900  
342KEDGE Emneth and Wisbech1865-1950
001 KELDAY  North Ronaldsay Orkney All
691KING Hiltonlate 19th –  20th C
691KING CAM – Wisbech / March / Chatterislate 19th –  20th C
691KING Huntslate 19th –  20th C
491KIRTON LIN – Scremby18th C
128LAIN Wymondham Area18th-19th C
053LAKE Marchbefore 1825
053LAKE Outwell 
053LAKE upwell 1825 onwards
268LAKE Cambs – MarchAll
268LAKE Upwell/ Outwell.  Norfolk + CambsAll
491LAMBERT HUN – Bluntisham16th-17th C
491LAMBERT LIN – Fenstanton17th+18th C
595LAMBOURN Ipswich & Chicago 
128LANE Hockering, North Elmham18th-19th C
201LAWES Hilgay  19th C
749LAWRENCE Downham18
593LAWS  Cambridgeshire – Chatteris Area18th C
593LAWS  Cambridgeshire – Chatteris Area19th C
593LAWS  Cambridgeshire – Chatteris Area20th C
593LAWS  Wisbech Area20th C
743aLEACH Hunts1750-1900
456aLEAMANVariousKing’s Lynn area1830-1910
382LEARY West Norfolk18th & 19th C
491LEE LIN – Willoughton16th-17th C
763LEE UpwellBefore 1850
763LEE East DerehamBefore 1810
590LEFEVER Stamford, WisbechC18th and C19th
743bLEGGETT South Lincs18/19
491LENTEN HUN – Bluntisham17th+18th C
491LENTON LIN – Deeping St James17th+18th C
213LENTON NFK – Stow19th C
466LEONARD  19th C
706LINE LINCS – Grantham1700-1760
455aLOGGIN Wisbech/Upwell/Outwell etc19C
735MACKMAN Wisbech18th C 
268MALPASS Tonbridge, KentAll
744MANN Upwell, Norfolk1700-1800
743bMAPPLESTONE Weston, Lincs / Wisbech18
662MARCHBANKS Walpoles/ Tilney1850-1930
749MARCHBANKS wisbech Area18
662MARJORIBANKS Walpoles1800 +
772MARKILLIE ThorneyC17-18
773MARSH Hun – St Ives17th-18th
268MARSON Olney BucksAll
763MARTIN Moorby179-=1840
743bMASON Moulton /  South Lincs18
655MAWER Louth / Cleethorpes19th C
662McNEIL Wisbech  1800 +
22MEANS Outwell Cambridgshire16th C onward
22MEANS Scotland16th C onward
22MEANS Upwell Cambridgshire16th C onward
749MEEK SnettishamC 19th
449MIDDLEBROOK Fenland + South LincsAll
281MILLER West Norfolk19th + 20th C
281MILLER Wimblington19th + 20th C
466MOODYSarahm Thomas Cooper 1780 Wisbech St Peter 
468MOORE Wisbech, ElmAll
590MOORE Wisbech (White Hall), Elm (Elm House) C18th and C19th
281MOUNTSEER West NorfolkAll
275MUXLOW Loveden19th C
152NIDD Fleet1700-1800’s
491NOBES LIN – Spalding17th-18th C
491NOBES LIN – Thurlby, Manthorpe18th-20th C
518NORTH Cambridgeshire18th & 19th C
518NORTH Cambs – Chatteris18th & 19th C
537NUTTALL – etc Rutland & Staffs18th & 19th C
46O’CONNORCatherineBandon, Co. Cork, IrelandM J.WATSON ~ 1852/3
128OLDHAM Peterborough19th C
128OLDHAM Thorney18th C
128OLDHAM Wisbech19th C, 20th C
691OSBORN Wisbech18th —-> 
749OSTLER Tydd St. Giles18
595OVERLAND Outwell + Upwell19th /20th C
46PALMER  Brandon, Suffolk 1900 onwards
46PALMERDeSilvaBurwell, nr Cambridge 1600s onwards
46PALMER Fleetwood, Lancs.abt 1915 onwards
46PALMER Hilgay and neighbouring villages, West Norfolk1880 onwards
46PALMER Methwold, West Norfolk1851 onwards
46PALMER Rawstenstall & Rossendale, Lancs1865 onwards
46PALMER Wisbech, Cambs.1882 onwards
673PARLETT Norfolk, AllAll
749PARLETT Wisbech20
654PARNELL N.W Norfolk1700-1850
537PARR Lincs – Holbeach18th & 19th C
537PARR  Holbeach Arealate 1700’s —-> 1800’s
128PARSONS Carleton Rodeearly 19C
128PARSONS Outwell – connection to/from Queensland, Austrailiamid 19C
772PARTRIDGE Long SuttonC18  
159PATTERN Little/Gt. Massingham17th-19th C
159PATTERN Terrington St. Clements17th-19th C
159PATTERN The Walpoles17th-19th C
239PATTRICK  Guyhirn, Wisbech St Mary  19th-20th C
201PEACOCK Sutton19th C
491PEARSON LIN – Spalding16th-18th C
268PEBARDY Melton Mowbray, LeicAll
22PECK  Austrailia17th-19th C
22PECK  Parsons Drove 17th-19th C
22PECK  Wisbech St Mary17th-19th C
268PEGGS Upwell/ Outwell.  Norfolk + CambsAll
268PEGGS March, CambsAll
268PEGGS EssexAll
744PENINGTON Upwell, Norfolk1700-1800
744PENNINGTON Upwell, Norfolk1700-1800
744PENNINGTON Wiggenhall St. Mary Magdalen, Norfolk1700-1800
421PENTNEY West Norfolk1725-1800
595PETILION – etc Lincolnshire + Cambs18th / 19th C
743bPHOENIX Whaplode Drove18
491PINCHBECK LIN – Horncastle19th C
491PINCHBECK LIN – Wildmoor Fen W. Ashby18th-19th C
491PINCHBECK LIN – Willoughton16th-18th C
706PINDER LEICS – Waltham17
749PLANT Lincolnshire18
491PLOWRIGHT LIN – Baston17th-19th C
491PLOWRIGHT LIN – Deeping St James17th-19th C
735PLOWRIGHT  Stamford1860s 
735PLOWRIGHT Downham / Wisbech1880s – 1890s
710POOLES Boston & surrounding villages18 & 19th C
735POPE Cambs/Hunts1800s
319POPELEY Thorney/ Whittlesey/ Peterborough18th-19th C
96PREIST Ingoldsby, Lenton area16-19C
655PRIDMORE Wisbech St. Mary19th C
213PROUD HUN – Ramsey19th C
455aPROUDFOOT Norfolk – Stiffkey18C 19C
380PRYOR Holbeach, Lincs1700-1750
706PULLEY Greatford, Lincolnshire1750-1800
491PURCHAS HUN – Earith17th-19th C
268QUEMBY London – BatterseaAll
268QUEMBY ManchesterAll
268QUEMBY NorthamptonAll
471RAMSDALE Downham Market19th
471RAMSDALE Kings Lynn19th
471RAMSDALE Magdalen17th C
471RAMSDALE Sawtry19th
471RAMSDALE Sutterton19th
471RAMSDALE Swafield19th
471RAMSDALE Terrington St John18th C
471RAMSDALE Tydd St. Mary19th
471RAMSDALE Walsoken19th
471RAMSDALE Watlington19th
471RAMSDALE Wiggenhall St Mary16th C
471RAMSDALE Wisbech19th
471RAMSELL Kings Lynn18th C
471RAMSELL Magdalen17th C
471RAMSELL Terrington St John18th C
471RAMSELL Wiggenhall St Mary16th C
772RANDALL ThorneyC17-18
213RAY  HUN – Ramsey19th C
213RAYER CAM – Therne?19th C
213RAYNER CAM/NFKWisbech – Upwell19th C
213RAYNER NFK – Middleton18th/19th C
213RAYNER NFK – StowAll
213RAYNER Peterborough19th/ 20th C
749READER EmnethC 19th
268REDLEY Sandy, BedsAll
691REMMINGTON Frettenham17th-18th C
691REMMINGTON King’s Lynn17th-18th C
008REVELL Cambs17C
380RHODES Holbeach, Lincs1700-1750
383RICHARDSON Docking + Norfolk17th + 18th C
537RICHARDSON Notts 18th & 19th C
749RILETT Sibsey, Swineshead18/19
749RILETT/RYLOTT SwineheadC 19th
735RILEY Wisbech18th C 
706RIMMINGTON LINCS – Grantham17
706RIMMINGTON LINCS – Woolsthorpe17
706RIMMINGTON RUTLAND – Greetham18-19
743aRIPPON Newton / Wisbech1750-1850
749RITCHIE Forehoe, Norwich19
380ROADDS Holbeach, Lincs1700-1750
772ROBERTSON King’s LynnC17-18
001 ROBLETT EverywhereAll                 1 name study
213RODDIS BDF – PertenhallAll
491RODGERS LIN – Spalding, Holbeach17th-19th C
772ROGERS Lutton / Parson DroveC19
662ROOFE Tilney/ N.Runcton/ MiddletonAll
743bROSE Moulton / Whaplode18/19
213ROSS Inveness/ Black Isle (Scotland)19th C 
749ROULT Ramsey19
155ROWELL Whittlesey19th + 20th C
155ROWLEY Whittlesey19th + 20th C
655ROWSON Birmingham20th C
655ROWSON Louth / Yorks – Measham19th C
655ROWSON Worcs – Harvington20th C
718ROYAL West Norfolk – Wimbotsham/ Stow Bardolph17, 18, 19 C
128ROYAL Hilgay Area18th C
337RUDD Yorkshire15C
053RUSSELL Upwell 1820 onwards
537RYLOTT Lincolnshire18th & 19th C
001 SAGGERS  Bassingbourn Cambs All
46SCALESFlorence HarrietBaldock, Hertfordshire;M   E.WPALMER 1912-Wisbech
590SCHULTZ Wisbech C19th
165SCOTNEY Whittlesey18th- 19th cent
46SCOTT  CANADA abt 1903 onward
46SCOTT  Welney 1700s onwards
46SCOTT Christchurch, Cambridgeshireearly 1800s onwards
159SEA/SEE Walpole St Peter17th-19th C
159SEA/SEE Welney17th-19th C
281SEAMAN W. Norfolk19th + 20th C
749SEARS Ramsey18/19
691SEE/SEA Chatteris18th-20th C
691SEE/SEA Wimblington18th-20th C
691SEE/SEA Newton-In-the-Isle18th-20th C
735SEEKINGS Cambridgeshire1840-1900
491SELBY LIN – Stainby, S. Witham, Gunby17th-19th C
213SHAND Inverness (Scotland)19th C 
213SHAND Speymouth (Scotland)19th C 
449SHARPE Fenland + South LincsAll
593SHEARWOOD Kings Lynn Area18th C
593SHEARWOOD Norfolk19th C
750SHICKLE March, Upwell19C
743bSHINN South Lincs18/19
743aSIMPSON NFK – Walsoken1750-1900
468SIMPSON Downham,  HilgayAll
421SIZELAND Norfolk1700-1775
213SKEELS CAM – Murrow19th C
128SKERRITT Upwell18th C
213SLACK HUN – Ramsey19th C
383SLADDEN Norfolk + SuffolkAll
537SLATE(O)R Lincs 18th & 19th C
749SLEIGHT/SLIGHT South Lincs – Whaplode18/19
46SMITHEllenStevenage, HertfordshireM – Charles SCALES
001 SMITH Canisbay Caithness 18c – 19c
001 SMITH Kirkwall Orkney19C – 19C
001 SMITH North Hertfordshire 19c onwards
152SMITH Welney, Over1800-1900’s
330SMITHJamesNewton in the Isle<1820
330SMITHSarahParson Drove<1810
330SMITHComfortWisbech/South Lincsc 1820
710SMITH Surfleet & Gosberton18 & 19th C
491SMITHERINGALE LIN Stainby18th-19th C
257SNEATH Upwell17, 18 + 19
257SNEATH Outwell17, 18 + 19
213SNITCH CAM – Whittlesey19th C
152SNOWDEN Lincolnshire1700-date
673SOUTH Norfolk/Cambridgshire18th and 19th C
743bSOUTHWELL South Lincs18/19
750SPECK Upwell, Outwell, Lincs18C – 19C
617SPIKINGS Walpole St. Peter + Wisbech19th C
213SQUIRES HUN – Huntingdon19th/ 20th C
749STAFFORD Outwell18/19
749STAFFORD Downham18/19
749STAFFORD Wisbech18/19
706STANGER LEICS – Buckminster18
673STANNARD Norfolk/Cambridgshire18th and 19th C
749STARR Bourn, CambsC 19th
654STIMPSON Emneth, Elm, Upwell1850-1900
654STIMPSON Guyhirn1750-1850
654STIMPSON Wisbech St. Mary/Peter1750-1850
008STOCK Beds 16-18C
008STOCK Kent16-18C
655STROUD Guyhirn19th C
655STROUD Sutton St. Mary19th C
491SUTTON LIN – Gunby17th C
772SWAIN/SWAINE  Leverington CAMC16 Onwards
772SWAYNE Leverington CAMC16 Onwards
152SYKES Lincolnshire1600-date
691TABRAHAM Wicken / Ely / Wisbech16th-19th
691TABRAM Wicken / Ely / Wisbech16th-19th
201TALL Welney19th C
46TANSLEY Leverington, nr Wisbech, CambsM – RUST (Upwell) 1700 –>
662TANSLEY Wisbech 1775 + 
644TANSLEY Sarah  18th C
743aTARFT Beds / Hunts1750-1900
491TAYLOR LIN – Bourne ( and USA)18th-19th C
275TAYLOR Moulton / Boston18/19th C
537TEAL(E) Yorkshire18th & 19th C
239TEMPLEMAN Caistor area LIN  19th C
239TEMPLEMAN Guyhirn  19th C
239TEMPLEMAN Wisbech  18th C
257TERRINGTON Denver17, 18 + 19
257TERRINGTON Upwell17, 18 + 19
257TERRINGTON Outwell17, 18 + 19
330THOMPSONEdwardParson Drove<1777
691THOMPSON Wisbech19th – 20th
691THOMPSON King’s Lynn19th – 20th
710THOMPSON Surfleet & Gosberton18 & 19th C
593THORPE Lincolnshire –   Tydd St. Giles Area20th C
593THORPE Lincolnshire –  Gedney Area19th C
593THORPE Rutland18th & 19th C
593THORPE Wisbech Area19th /20th C
623THRUPP Bromsgrove, Worcs1800s
001THURTLE EverywhereAll
772TILSON Gedney Drove EndC18
128TOOKE Middleton Nr King’s Lynn18th C
478TOOLEY LincolnshireAll
744TOPPIN Upwell, Norfolk1700-1800
744TOPPIN Wiggenhall St. Mary Magdalen, Norfolk1700-1800
744TOPPING Upwell, Norfolk1700-1800
491TOWNSEND LIN – Kirtin Lindsay17th-19th C
128TUCK Middleton Nr King’s Lynn18th C
268TURNELL WellingboroughAll
268TURNELL  NorthamptonAll
593TURNER Wisbech & Wisbech St Peters18th-19th C
750TURNER Upwell18C – 20C
053TURNER   Upwell (and area) 1800 onwards
654TWIDDY N.W Norfolk1700-1850
342TYRES/TIARS/TIERS Downham Market18
114VENI Cambs, Norfolk18th – 21st C
114VENNEY Cambs, Norfolk18th – 21st C
114VENNI Cambs, Norfolk18th – 21st C
655VICKERS Boston / Doncaster19th + 20th C
743aVINE NFK – Denver / Downham Mkt1750-1850
105VURLEYJohnb Long Sutton d Wisbech1740-1814
105VURLEYThomasb Long Sutton d Wisbech1766-1846
105VURLEYThomasb Wisbech  d Fakenham, Norfolk1791-1866
105VURLEYPeter Johnb Fakenham d  Norfolk1826-1896
105VURLEYJohnb Fakenham d  Norfolk23/6/1851 – 3/11/1931
105VURLEYAlfredPreston, Lancashire1878-1947
96WAIN Lincs18 C
152WALDEN Lincolnshire1700-1850
128WALDEN Elm, Walsoken, Wisbech18th C
773WALKER Cam –  Tydd St Giles17th-18th
773WALKER Lin – Sutton St James17th-18th
159WALPOLE Gt Witchingham18th + 19th C
159WALPOLE Terrington St John18th + 19th C
710WALTHAM Surfleet, Gosberton, Spalding, Weston, Boston18 & 19th C
46WALTONHannahMarson in BedfordshireM – Joseph CAWTHORN ~1833
128WALTON Elm, Walsoken, Wisbech18th C
383WARD Wisbech Area19th C
706WARD RUTLAND – Greetham, Clipsham18
468WARD Wisbech, ElmAll
617WARD Tilney St Lawrence19th C
590WARD March, Wisbech, Elm and villages around –C18th and C19th
590WARD Norwich   C18th and C19th
590WARD PeterboroughC18th and C19th
152WARNER Brampton, Hunts1700-date
213WARRINGTON HUN – Ramsey19th/ 20th C
152WARRINGTON Brampton, Hunts1700-1900′
449WARSOP Fenland + South LincsAll
46WATSONCatherineWretton in West NorfolkM – L.H PALMER 1883 Wisbech
750WATSON Upwell,  March, Whittlesey16C – 20C
654WATTS Dersingham    1700-1850
654WATTS Outwell, Upwell1800-1900
654WATTS Walpole St Peter/Andrew 1800-1900 
46WEATHERSTON Berwick, Northumberland1850s onwards
46WEATHERSTON South Shields, Co. Durham1880s —>(PALMER link)
268WEST Isle of WightAll
655WHARFE – etc any19th C
655WHEATLEY Bishop Stortford19th-20th C
655WHEATLEY Herts – Albury19th C
152WILDERS lincolnshire/Notts1700-1900’s
299WILES March18th-19th C
152WILLDERS Holbeach1700-1900
706WILLIAMSON Grantham, Lincolnshire1660-1700
743aWILLIAMSON NFK – Terrington,  Snettisham /   Holbeach1750-1900
773WILLS Cam –  Tydd St Giles17th-18th
773WILLS Lin – Sutton St Nicholas17th-18th
96WILLSEY (etc Wisbech Area18th/19th C
718WILSON W.Norfolk – Wimbotsham / Stow Bardolph / Fordham/ Hilgay17, 18, 19 C
662WILSON Tydd St. Giles1700 – 1850
662WILSON Wisbech St. Mary1700 +
749WILSON Walsoken, Parson DroveC 19th
383WINEARLS Norfolk18th-19th C
456aWINFIELD Variouspre 1950
706WING Rutland, Pickworth17-18
706WING Stamford, Lincolnshire1720-1750
706WING Thorney, Cambridgeshire1750-1850
383WINTER Linc, Cambs + Norfolk17th + 18th C
689WISEMAN Parsons DroveLate 19th/Early 20th C
421WOLSEY  West Norfolk1700-1775
456aWOOD King’s Lynn area1770-1830
213WOODALL HUN – Ramsey18th C
337WOODCOCK Lincon + Peterborough17 C onwards
456aWOODS Hunstanton,  Norfolk1830-1910
574WOODS Snettisham18th C + 19th C
574WOODS Walpole St PeterAll
96WOOLMER Ingoldsby area17-19C
152WORLDING Wisbech1850-date
275WORMLEY Grimsby19-20 C
213WRIGHT HUN – Kimbolton18th/19th C
536WRIGHT Fenland & Surrounding AreasAll
593WRIGHT Lincolnshire –   Tydd St. Giles Area19th C
593WRIGHT Lincolnshire –  Gedney Area18th  C
128YORKE Bardney, Lincs18th C
128YORKE Elm18th C
128YORKE Wisbech19th C
128YOUNGMAN Roydon Nr King’s Lynn18th C