Chairman’s Chat Winter 2020

Well, who would have thought what a year 2020 would turn out to be.

Everyone I know is bravely carrying on as best they can, helping others where possible, and doing their best for themselves and their community. Even so, there are occasional moans and groans about the current generation having so much, and previous generations getting through worse adversity (if they hadn’t, everyone reading this would not be here).

Humans face adversity and adapt. Some seem to have been given opportunities offered by the change in social interaction, finding new friends and opportunities online. The internet may be the bane of some people’s lives, and you may despair at your friends, children or grandchildren seemingly being glued to phone screens. However, we are a social animal and the ability to get, or stay, in touch must be seen as a lifeline to many.

I have been enjoying the latest series of Who Do You Think You Are? The pedant in me does mutter “Oh, if it were only that easy or quick”, or read one of the documents and ask further questions that are not forthcoming, or wonder why they travel to a town only to look at a document from Kew or Greenwich … no, I do enjoy it, honestly!

Unfortunately, there is no vision yet of Fenland FHS meeting up or holding any open days or events. However, please (if you are able), check online for virtual activities from a host of genealogical (and many other interest) societies. Our Membership Secretary, Leanne Bailey, took part in the Family History Show Online and was kept busy with video chats and queries. It is probable that many other activities will continue to be virtual for some time.

In the meantime, please check out the Fenland FHS Facebook page – keep in touch with other members, swap stories and ask queries – we all love a good brick wall to have a go at.

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